Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

Elsewhere: Ara’s Photographs

Published 2009 September 1

Thoughts in my mind after looking at Ara’s photographs

Identity, whether it is associated with a father- or homeland, political movement or organized religion is the cause of the genocides that continue on.

Ideas themselves, the mind, thought, are generators of identity.

Identifying with something often means you are not observing anymore. It is the beginning of the fall.

If we can only observe, without judgment, if we can be aware without choosing, maybe something beyond time can be found…Time, the division of the past and the future from the present is another cause of genocides…Looking, observing, from moment to moment, instantly, without time…if we could do this, would genocides still happen?

I like photographs because when I look at the shapes and values I am aware of the thoughts forming in my brain more easily than when reading.

The observer is the observed.