Simon Griffee Visual design, photography, writing, illustration

Ensemble Échappé Posters

Published 2020 February 10

Ensemble Échappé calligraphic title made with a brush.
Hand-painted calligraphic brush title along with variations of a poster design for Ensemble Échappé.

The ensemble is performing two concerts and an opera premiere during a residency at Columbia’s Italian Academy

Ensemble Échappé curtain design.
With a photograph of the Italian Academy’s Teatro curtains.
Ensemble Échappé statues design.
With a photo of statues in the Metropolitan Museum of Art at night.
Ensemble Échappé Strait of Dover design.
With a photo of the Strait of Dover from the air.
Ensemble Échappé notes design.
With a type design focussed on sound and color.

Keywords: brush calligraphy color curtain design hand painted lettering typography