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Fighter Pilot’s Road Survival Guide ➶

Published 2016 September 4

A fighter pilot’s advice on road safety to cyclists and drivers.

From the comments in the HN discussion :

Tldr: if a vehicle is on a collision course with you, it will always be in the same position of your field of view, so there may not be enough apparent motion to draw your attention. To combat this, slow down a bit as you approach intersections to generate relative motion between yourself and anyone on a collision course with you. Also scan left/right twice to double your chances of seeing hazards. The brain is very good at stitching together a coherent scene as your eyes dart around, but this might hide the fact that you have blind spots where your eyes have jumped over potentially important details.

To improve your chances of being seen, turn your lights on and wear bright colors to improve contrast. Be aware that if the sun is right behind you, people ahead of you will have a very difficult time seeing you.

There is no such thing as peripheral vision. All you have is peripheral “awareness” at your disposal. “Vision” requires looking directly at something.