Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.


Published 2019 January 1

Introducing a little project called imgtlk where people write about an image, or piece of art that can be represented visually (music, math, sculpture, literature, architecture, computer games, and so on), that was important to them, or inspired them somehow. It can be something they made themselves, or a piece created by someone else.

The lips, or flying piece of paper, above, is the dot on the i of the logotype, set in Linotype Helvetica Zilla Slab, like the rest of the typography.

Prior version:


Not bad, but not as friendly as this, I feel:


Quickly trying new variations of things — quick iteration — leads to better work, so please consider the logo, as well as this project, a work in progress.

This is a personal project that aims to inspire people and encourage thinking and publishing in the open internet — an egg thrown at the walled garden of social media, against centralization, in the name of the independent web (publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere).

It is not something to be “monetized” or sold in any way (other than the project logo), and contributors retain full ownership of their work.

Here’s a list of entries so far.