Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

Mês Collection · January 2009, Wyoming, US, June 2005

Published 2008 December 15

Approaching Bear’s Lodge Butte, Wyoming, US, June 2005

The first Mês Collection Print is one of my favorite photographs from my road trip from New York City to San Francisco in the summer of 2005 (other photographs from this time will soon appear in the Stories section). The road and the changing sites and events around it such as Devil’s Tower moved and changed me.

I embarked on that road trip to eliminate my office-insect routine. I ended up also eliminating countless insects with the 1990 red Saab 900, and their entrails had to be wiped off the windshield often. To me, the dirty windscreen and the road and natural scene outside tells a story about the land I traveled and is a symbol of the need to step out the door and go.