Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.


Published 2016 April 24

A photographer is someone who makes instant drawings using a tool that records impressions of light.

Professional photographers get paid for their drawings, but often the originality and honesty of the work suffers unless they choose the people they accept payment from carefully.

Amateur photographers do not get paid for their light drawings. They might draw to document a thing or express a feeling, or for no reason other than seeing how the thing they draw looks like drawn.

Good photographers, professional or amateur, choose their best drawings before showing them. They take the time to make drawings and to choose the best ones which they may show together in a book, website or wall.

If enough time is taken making and choosing drawings, the photographer may find she draws particular things in particular ways, and when other people see her drawings they may be moved to understand and feel something.

New York City, 2015.
42nd Street, New York City, 2015

(In response to Tim Bray.)