Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

Washington DC

Published 2005 May 17

Consider this a test of new equipment (Powerbook 12in.) and offices (Starbucks.) connectivity. I’m near Farragut North Metro station in Washington DC, a few blocks away (In a Starbucks.) from the White House, which I unexpectedly ran into during my first random walk a few days ago. This city is teeming with law-enforcement personnel and sirens that are too loud. The inhabitants have all been polite and courteous.

A great weekend was spent with old friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in ten years. Didn’t sleep Saturday night; shisha bars, taxis, buses, lots of walking. The highlight was Steak and Eggs (I like Google maps. Stalk me.), a 24-hour breakfast joint; french toast, over-easy eggs, bacon and lots of coffee.

Went to The Mall and various Smithsonian museums (Composed of sixteen museums and galleries, the National Zoo, and numerous research facilities in the United States and abroad.). Stayed mainly outdoors where there was good light for photographs. Candids. Designed the HyperTextHero (Traveling designer.) business card this morning and had two-hundred copies printed in FastCopyandPrinting (A print shop owned by Tunisians.) a few hours later. The cards are now in my backpack (Excellent bags and backpacks for laptops and other stuff.), which I’m pleased with.