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Last Minute Cable


Cat and Flowers, Cyclades Islands, Ancient Greece, AC Odyssey, 2019



Prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux. I like play that slowly builds tension and then releases it with intensity and consequences. Maps. Sounds of nature. Long distances. The passage of time. Night and day cycles. Changing light. Clouds. Weather. Wind, foliage, animals, dust, fog, rain, lightning storms. A simple way to experience play is fiction. Games, books, music and films that tell us, a species of storytellers, stories, and help bring us closer, for art is a medium for creativity, a multiplier, which improves everything else needed for life.


Kassandra on Horseback, Peloponnese, Greece, Circa 431 BCE

Lake Mareotis View Towards Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu, Egypt, Ptolemaic period (49–47 BC), February 2018

Assassin’s Creed Origins has quickly become one of my favorite games through the breathtaking realization of its world alone. It is visually and aurally — both sound effects and music — beautiful, a stunning technical and artistic achievement.

It is also lots of fun, and an educational “Discovery Tour” version is forthcoming, as are more street photos of this digital world as I explore it (the in-game photography-mode feature is a great idea which should become a standard in all 3D games.)

Out of Time, Massachusetts, 2287, February 2018

Perceptive Game Writing

A pencil drawing of a woman walking and holding a notebook and a sword.
Illustration by Simon Griffee.

Computer games increasingly shape young people’s education as we are surrounded by computers, even carrying them in our pockets.

This can be positive, but like our attention, and most things that we make, the majority of games and commentary about them are shallow, so it is worthwhile to shine a light on good writing about games.

Here are some favorites.


Dascia Maneuver, Erangel, Plunkbat, August 2017

A Plunkbat postcard printed on a tee for your pleasure.

Self-Portrait With Fuji, iPhone and Elite, New York City, March 2017

See you in the Milky Way.

Video Games Can Satisfy Some Basic Human Needs #
Comment by “AmIFirstToThink” in the Hacker News discussion of the article: It gives you a chance to put yourself on the shrink couch in the privacy of your room. You get to know yourself little bit more. You know how flimsy the safeguards are for you to not do the wrong thing. Laws, religious ethics are flimsy to stop you from doing the wrong thing. You realize that at the end of the day, it is up to you as the individual, to do the right thing in a situation. …continue

Plunkbat Win, Unidentified Island, August 2017

I switched the shoot and jump keys, confused many people by jumping when expected to shoot and shooting when attempting to jump and somehow ended up winning the match. The universe appreciates a sense of humor.

Sakura Park, New York City, July 2016

You Are Text in a Dungeon #

Nethack is certainly one of the greatest games you will ever play.

Space War, Computers and Education

Computer games are probably the reason I work with computers. It is said that Ken Thompson salvaged a PDP-1 and created a new operating system, now called UNIX, so that he could play SpaceWar. — I remember one of the first computer games I ever played was a version of the same on a 386 PC-XT at my friend Arthur’s1 house in São Paulo, Brazil. I can’t find the exact version, but I remember the spaceships were shaped like crescent moons.