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Learning to Program in Python

A drawing Monty Python’s foot from the original in Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time.
The Python programming language was named after the BBC’s comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus created by, among others, John Cleese. Perhaps this in itself says much about the language.

A friend with no programming experience asked how to learn to program a computer using the Python language, so I wrote this list:

Generating Fantasy Maps #

Elegant work.

Website Redesign

Ferns in spring in Inwood Hill Park, New York City, May 2016. After eleven years apart, (design) and (photography) were combined into one — this — website. If you came here looking for photographs, don’t worry, those are not going away and regular entries depicting the streets of New York will resume shortly right here in the Notebook (the front page). A mailing list is still available for my six faithful subscribers, as is an RSS syndication feed, and you can now browse content by keyword, time, location and the randomness of life thanks to Hugo’s wonderful Taxonomies system.


Script to Convert Django Flatpages to Hugo Markdown Files with YAML Frontmatter

I needed to export a lot of entries stored in the SQLite database of my previous Django site for importing into the new Hugo-powered Thankfully, Sam Kingston had already written a script to export Mezzanine blog posts to Jekyll, so I modified it to make, below. To use it: Save the the code below in a file called and put it in the following location: yourdjangoproject/ management/ commands/ djangoflatpage2hugo.



A few websites I have made in the past.


International Plant Protection Convention Website

International Plant Protection Convention website homepage sketch.


IT Wishlist Web Application

IPPC IT Wishlist website about page.


Food News Web Application

Food News website homepage.