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Design consulting, art direction, photography.

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‘Bonanni Express’

1 Train

125th Street and Broadway

125th Street Station

125th Street, Harlem

42nd Street & Broadway at Times Square

42nd Street and Broadway at Times Square

4th Avenue

5th Avenue

5th Avenue

5th Avenue and West 13th Street

5th Avenue by New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

8th Avenue

After Sunset

Amsterdam Avenue at 116th Street

Apartment in Via di San Giovanni in Laterano

Auto-retrato Com Minha Mãe

Avenue of the Americas Near West 4th Street


Bar Divider in Campo

Bedford Avenue Station, Williamsburg

Boston Commons



Broadway and 72nd Street

Broken Advertisement Display

Bus in Via dei Fori Imperiali

Bus Stop in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Bus to Sukhothai



Canal Street

Canal Waters

Capitoline Hill

Car in Muammar al-Gaddafi’s Motorcade

Central Park

Colorado Near Bright Angel

Columbia Street

Commuter Day’s End

Drawing and Reflections

During Bruce & Sophie’s Moving Fitness Program

East 46th Street and Lexington Avenue

Ellis Island


Game Parlour



Hotel Bar

Hue Saigon and Hoi An

Il Bastione della Sentinella



Ko Ma

Lake in Central Park

Langham Place

LaStorta (Vampiruuuu)


Mahicantuck, Hudson River

Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

Marginal Street

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco / David Witten Poster

Morning After Leaving Saigon #2

Museo Delle Cere With Palazzo Venezia Reflection

Near Isola Farnese

Negozio di Cartelli

Oil Field at Night

One World Trade Center from West and Vesey Street

Per Volquartz in Joshua Tree

Piazza del Colosseo

Piazza della Madonna dei Monti

Piazza di Porta Capena

Pool, Parco del Celio

Riverside Park

Road to Airport

Robert F. Kennedy Triborough Bridge




Self-portrait in Via Panisperna

Self-Portrait on Linea A

Self-portrait on Motorcycle with JRB

Self-portrait, Piano


Sloan Avenue

Sol During Winter Solstice

Solar Eclipse Over Greenpoint

Steinway Street, Queens

Street Corner in Center

Street Scene

Street Scene

Street Window

Subway Car


Train Platform

Tram in Viale Trastevere

Trees and Tower Cranes in Storm

Via Cassia, Night

Via Cavour

Via Condotti

Via dei Cerchi

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Via del Parco del Celio

Via della Fontanella di Borghese

Via di Monserrato

Via di Santa Maria in Via

Via Marmorata

West 59th Street

White House


With Ian at Bar