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What: silhouette

Termini, Rome, Italy, October 2014

Monte Terminillo, Apennine Mountains, Italy, January 2014

\getcloser100 Day ?

Campese, Isola del Giglio, Italy, August 2013

Outside The Wall, Rome, Italy, July 2013

Run Like Hell, Rome, Italy, July 2013

Petřínská rozhledna, Prague, Czech Republic, December 2012

Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy, December 2011

Via di San Paolo della Croce, Morning, Rome, Italy, September 2010

Palm and Cypresses, Sevilla, Spain, March 2008

Mountain Top, Mount Diablo, California, US, February 2007

Geoff jumps up!

Villa Adriana Wall, Tivoli, Italy, January 2008

Steam Across From Tavern, London, UK, April 2007

London still has some alleyways with an old world feel.

Trees and Tower Cranes in Storm, Rome, Italy, November 2007

Morning in Abandoned Lot, Bracciano, Italy, February 2008

Platform 23 at Termini Station, Rome, Italy, February 2008