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We Need Design That is Faster and Design That is Slower #

Jeffrey Zeldman:

Our news and information sites have succeeded so well, they are failing. We’ve designed them to be quickly scannable—at a glance, I take in the headline, the key visual, and the lead paragraph. But today’s news is anything but simple. The truth cannot be reduced to visual sound bytes. That’s how we got in this mess in the first place.

Keep It Extremely Simple, or 66% of the Population Can’t Use Your Design #
Usability guru Jakob Nielsen: Overall, people with strong technology skills make up a 5–8% sliver of their country’s population, whatever rich country they may be coming from. Go back to the OECD’s definition of the level-3 skills, quoted above. Consider defining your goals based on implicit criteria. Or overcoming unexpected outcomes and impasses while using the computer. Or evaluating the relevance and reliability of information in order to discard distractors. …continue
Khoi Vinh Adobe XD Interview with Tom Krcha #

It would be nice to be able to download the Adobe XD preview without signing up for an Adobe ID.

Content, Connection, Self-determination, Convenience, Beauty #
Am going through Jenifer Tidwell’s insightful blog posts from 2011: It’s interesting that nowhere in this list does “layout” appear. Nor “color” or “typography” or “form design” or any other low-level design concept. They’re still important parts of our craft, of course, and laypeople ought to know about them. But in the end, their only real value is in how well they serve bigger needs: content, connection, self-determination, convenience, beauty. …continue
Designers That Code #

Jenifer Tidwell:

So, it’s possible to be seen as both a designer and a coder. But it requires very, very careful management of your personal brand. Set expectations clearly, and defend your personal boundaries — if you’re doing more coding than you like, you’ll have to decide when and how to push back or ask for more design responsibility.


A few websites I have made in the past.


IT Wishlist Web Application

IPPC IT Wishlist website about page.


Cantos Website Design landing pages.