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June 2019

KJT, Belgium, 2012

Published 2019 June 28

Jesper and Anna, 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 June 27

Milton and Sue, New York City, 2015

Published 2019 June 26

Happy birthday to master Milton Glaser, creator of the I ❤️ NY logo among countless fine works, who I was lucky to discover through his book Graphic Design when I was younger, and even luckier to learn from and work with in person, with Sue Walsh and Dan Bates, for some months when I arrived in New York!

If you have 5 minutes today, please go see this video of Milton drawing. and read his essay, Ten Things I Have Learned (pdf).

I ❤️ Milton, Sue & Dan!

Powwow, Inwood, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 June 26

During the wonderful Drums Along The Hudson Native American and Multicultural Celebration yearly event.

Douglas and Monica, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 June 22

Beethoven Studies, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 June 22

Simon and Keith, UN Archives, New York City, 2019

Published 2019 June 21

Photograph by Viceroy Aleksandr Gelfand.

Leroy and Vicky, Michigan, 2015

Published 2019 June 18

✨ 🌌 ❤️

4th Avenue, New York City, 2018

Published 2019 June 17

Mike Hot-Pence Cares, New York City, August 2017

Published 2019 June 12

Andaman Sea, Thailand, 2010

Published 2019 June 8

Amber, Columbia University, New York City, 2017

Published 2019 June 6

Duxford, United Kingdom, 2003

Published 2019 June 5

Flyby for D-Day 75th

Remembering D-Day, 75 years later. I am thankful for only having played combat, and never been in it. My father, born in Bristol, England, was 2 months old.

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