Simon Griffee

Man, baby and carabiniere, Rome, Italy, May 2007

Published 10 May 2007

Shortly after arriving to live Monti, an old district in the center of Rome, I remarked upon how annoying the cars and motorinos racing through the vicolos (small streets) are.

Pedestrians need to constantly move aside, usually against other parked cars, to let the often fast-moving traffic through.

Today I happened upon a protest beginning in Piazza Maria dei Monti with people bearing placards with some of the following slogans, which make clear that the residents are also quite annoyed:

It was quite a casino, with police, protesters and motorists in a mess of hand-waving and shaking, yelling, laughter, frowns and smiles.

I like the matching expressions of the baby and the father. More photos to come!