Simon Griffee
Design consulting, art direction, photography.

Milton Glaser Studio

Published 2015 December 25

It was after reading Milton’s book Graphic Design that I decided to be a designer in addition to a photographer, and the chance to work with Milton was a transformative experience that inspired me to begin drawing again as I had in my childhood.

Some examples of work I did at Milton Glaser’s studio:

Brazilian Pizza.

A poster in progress that I called a ‘Brazilian Pizza’, as it reminded me of one, even though it had nothing to do with pizza or Brazil. ¶ One of many things I learned working with Milton is the value and necessity of leaving room to experiment and to play, to allow your mind and hand to take you on unexpected directions, especially in the initial exploratory phases of a project. ¶ There’s a wonderful video (transcript) of John Cleese speaking about creativity that touches on these themes. He speaks of the open and closed modes of the brain and the necessity and timing of play and of work. Warmly recommended.

Horse logo. Horse pattern.

A logotype and pattern using a horse element. ¶ When I mentioned it reminded me of Picasso’s bull study he said I should be quiet otherwise, I would end up revealing most of his secrets!

Horse patterns applied to bags.

Visual mockup of the horse pattern applied to bags.

A copy of one of Milton’s drawings of Monet.

While working on an image catalogue application for the studio I had the opportunity to see many of Milton’s drawings — a real treat! I’d sometimes draw a copy of my favorites on whatever was at hand.

A black and white photograph of Milton and Sue.

Milton and Sue, New York City, December 2015

For Simon with thanks for all your help. Milton Glaser.

Milton Glaser