Simon Griffee
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When In Doubt, Move

Published 2015 May 5

I’ve been experimenting with Google’s Roboto typeface which now clothes used to clothe this website and I quite like, and with embracing things I usually can’t stand such as the ill-typeset quotations that litter social network feeds.

Result: A simple poster with D.H. Lawrence’s lifelong credo, which narrowly won me over both Jesus’ and Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade’s versions of the same good evolutionary advice:

When in doubt, move.

Download an infinite resolution version for printing (412kb PDF).

Roboto Slab is set against a background with a golden pattern tile which I somehow managed to put together years ago and recently came across while navigating the ‘cutting room floor’ folders of an old hard disk.

I better move outside while I can still see. A dopo!

Update: Roboto is now open source. Here’s another poster to celebrate!