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What / distance

23rd Street

34th Street

41st Street and 8th Avenue

42nd Street and 5th Avenue

42nd Street and 5th Avenue

42nd Street and 5th Avenue

42nd Street and 6th Avenue

4th Avenue

5th Avenue

5th Avenue

5th Avenue

5th Avenue and 42nd Street

5th Avenue and 42nd Street

6th Avenue and 23rd Street

6th Avenue and 34th Street

7th Avenue and 42nd Street

7th or 8th Avenue

8th Avenue

Alma Mater

Alma Mater and Thinker


Amber, Columbia University

Andaman Sea

Avenue of the Americas Near West 4th Street

Beacon’s Closet


Broadway and 72nd Street

Broadway Near Canal Street

Broadway Near Grand Street

Broadway Near Strand Books


Bryant Park, Zona

Cape Cod Bay

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park

Clearing Storm

Coney Island

Coney Island Beach

Dad’s Driving Licence

Drew at Quinn’s

Dudley Street


East Houston Street



Flyby for D-Day 75th

Forum Romanum

Giardino degli Aranci

Herald Square



Homage to Josef Kouldelka

Il Bastione della Sentinella


Joshua Tree

Kassandra in Sanctuary of Olympia


Ko Ma

Lucrecia with Mom and Dad

Marat and Olivia

Marat in Brooklyn

Mercato Campagna Amica del Circo Massimo

Monongahela National Forest

My Mother

My Mother in Giardino degli Aranci

Navajo Nation

Near Alhambra

Near Kerhonkson

Near Times Square

Odila, Simon, Pete, Back of Buxton Hill on Sunny Day

Overlook Aventino

Pedro in Piazza di Spagna

Piazza del Colosseo

Piazza del Parlamento

Piazza della Madonna dei Monti

Piazza di Spagna

Piazza d’Aracoeli

Piazza Navona

Piazza Venezia


Professor Ceen in his studio


Remembering Leonardo da Vinci 500 Years After His Death


Solar Eclipse

St. Ives

St. Marks Place & 3rd Avenue

Storm and Road

Terraza del Pincio

Terraza del Pincio

Thomson Avenue and Van Dam Street

Times Square

Times Square

Train Station


Tyrrhenian Sea

Union Square

Upper Bay

Via Agonale

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Via del Corso

Via del Salvatore


View from Terrazza Viale del Belvedere

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Washington Square South and LaGuardia Place

West 14th Street and 6th Avenue

West 34th Street

West 34th Street

West 42nd Street

West 42nd Street

West Harlem