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HTML Form to File.txt

Summary: HTML/JavaScript form that saves user input into a text file in Markdown format with YAML front matter for use on your local computer. Use to quickly create a post for publishing with a static website generator such as Hugo or Jekyll. After my recent site redesign my photo publishing workflow is as follows: After choosing a photograph in Lightroom, I export it into the images folder of my Hugo-powered site on my computer.


Script to Convert Django Flatpages to Hugo Markdown Files with YAML Frontmatter

I needed to export a lot of entries stored in the SQLite database of my previous Django site for importing into the new Hugo-powered Thankfully, Sam Kingston had already written a script to export Mezzanine blog posts to Jekyll, so I modified it to make, below. To use it: Save the the code below in a file called and put it in the following location: yourdjangoproject/ management/ commands/ djangoflatpage2hugo.


Milton Glaser Studio

It was after reading Milton’s book Graphic Design that I decided to be a designer in addition to a photographer, and the chance to work with Milton was a transformative experience that inspired me to begin drawing again as I had in my childhood.



A few websites I have made in the past.


IPPC Logotype Redesign

International Plant Protection Convention logotype redesign.


BBC Travel The Stories & Secrets of Fez Photographic Essay

Photographic essay for BBC Travel with writing by Amber Paulen. See the photographs in the BBC Travel website

A photograph from the picture story.

Pianist Business Card

Pianos are beautiful.


Plant Treaty Internal Website

A graphic depicting the PID Server website.


Jimmy Boss Website

A screenshot of the Jimmy Boss website.


Advancesite Logotype

Logotype for Advancesite.


A Lone Star Lock Service

Pyramids echo a key in the desert night.


Amimar Marble Logotype

A stylized Roman capital recalls a mountain.