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Pasta Clock Now Works Without Flash

Just a note that Pasta Clock (al dente, not al mush) now works on browsers without Adobe Flash installed. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way for the alarm sound to play on iOS, so I use the default iPhone timer when I can find my phone .

HTML Form to File.txt

Summary: HTML/JavaScript form that saves user input into a text file in Markdown format with YAML front matter for use on your local computer. Use to quickly create a post for publishing with a static website generator such as Hugo or Jekyll. After my recent site redesign my photo publishing workflow is as follows: After choosing a photograph in Lightroom, I export it into the images folder of my Hugo-powered site on my computer.



A few websites I have made in the past.


International Plant Protection Convention Website

International Plant Protection Convention website homepage sketch.


Via dei Fori Imperiali: Final Response to Get Closer 100, Rome, Italy, January 2014

This is my final picture response to \getcloser100.

It’s too bad the campaign ran into problems (Photos repeated or missing altogether.), maybe because the Get Closer 100 website was designed as a needlessly complex JavaScript-based (Sigh, JavaScript.) one-page application? I think simple HTML pages for each day such as, which would have been easy to link to, would have been better (Web standards are still important.). Also, the campaign doesn’t seem complete without a response from Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Ultimately Get Closer 100 was a good exercise in looking at and thinking about photographs, photography and human beings and I thank Magnum Photos (The greatest photo agency has, unfortunately, one of the worst websites.) and the International Center of Photography (Robert Capa at 100.) 1 for organizing it and allowing responses from the public. Photography is, after all, one of the great democratic forms of art.


fn1(#footnote1). If you haven’t yet, please do visit ICP’s page (The interview is in the sidebar and also available on Youtube with a search for ‘Robert Capa Interview’.) and listen to Robert Capa’s 1947 radio interview, it is worth it.

IT Wishlist Web Application

IPPC IT Wishlist website about page.


Food News Web Application

Food News website homepage.


F*!@#$% Accessible FAQ

A screenshot of the FAQ.


Angelo Paionni Photographer Website

Website for Angelo Paionni.


Pasta Clock

Pasta Clock

Pasta Clock

Graphic design, website design, copywriting


Overcooked pasta.


I worked with Jimmy Boss to cobble together a website that helps everyone cook pasta al dente rather than al mush.

Work Done

Graphic design, HTML markup, CSS, JavaScript hacking. Visit site →