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Pasta Clock Now Works Without Flash

Just a note that Pasta Clock (al dente, not al mush) now works on browsers without Adobe Flash installed. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way for the alarm sound to play on iOS, so I use the default iPhone timer when I can find my phone .

Website Redesign

Ferns in spring in Inwood Hill Park, New York City, May 2016. After eleven years apart, (design) and (photography) were combined into one — this — website. If you came here looking for photographs, don’t worry, those are not going away and regular entries depicting the streets of New York will resume shortly right here in the Notebook (the front page). A mailing list is still available for my six faithful subscribers, as is an RSS syndication feed, and you can now browse content by keyword, time, location and the randomness of life thanks to Hugo’s wonderful Taxonomies system.



A few websites I have made in the past.


International Plant Protection Convention Website

International Plant Protection Convention website homepage sketch.


Web Design: Where to Begin

To make good websites you need good writing skills. Clear writing is good web design. You also need to know some Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to define your content (text, images, etc) in a way a web browser can understand, and some Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control how this content is presented. Begin by reading the classic article on web design: A Dao of Web Design. Then: On the Web Any of the following resources (I particularly like Simple & Useful) are good ways forward:


IT Wishlist Web Application

IPPC IT Wishlist website about page.


Earth Among the Stars

Earth Among The Stars in HTML and CSS.

HTML, CSS, Monospaced Font

I was reading Carl Sagan and Olaf Stapledon and decided to make a simple HTML and CSS experiment. See also: A typography template.

Food News Web Application

Food News website homepage.


Web Typography Template

Good web design involves good writing and good typography. To offer the latter to anybody looking to make reading easy on a web browser or a mobile device, I made an HTML & CSS template using the first chapter of Olaf Stapledon’s Star Maker as example text and the Georgia typeface.

Here’s the HTML and CSS code, and here's a preview image:

Simple web typography template (HTML and CSS).

See also: Another template using the Roboto typeface.

Australian Plant Biosecurity Program Website & Graphic Design

Australian Postgraduate Study in Plant Biosecurity Program website design.


F*!@#$% Accessible FAQ

A screenshot of the FAQ.


Angelo Paionni Photographer Website

Website for Angelo Paionni.


Pasta Clock

Pasta Clock

Pasta Clock

Graphic design, website design, copywriting


Overcooked pasta.


I worked with Jimmy Boss to cobble together a website that helps everyone cook pasta al dente rather than al mush.

Work Done

Graphic design, HTML markup, CSS, JavaScript hacking. Visit site →

Imaginary Lines


Plant Treaty Internal Website

A graphic depicting the PID Server website.