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Muskellunge Lake, Michigan, 2019

Foro Romano, Rome, Italy, 2019

Rockaways, New York, July 2019

Moon, man, sea, sand, bird. The Apollo 11 moon landing’s 50th anniversary, an endeavour built upon the best traits of our species, is less than a week away — a perfect occasion — along with flying flight simulators with friends — to revive Hypertexthero as a flight-focused blog, from the old school, outside the wall.

Ashley and Jill, Beacon, New York, November 2018

50th Street Station, New York City, January 2017

Drawing of a Footprint on the Moon, New York City, January 2017

Pantheon at Night, Rome, Italy, January 2017

Vicino a Monte Terminillo, Appenine Mountains, Italy, January 2014

Sunlight, Naples, Italy, April 2012

Moon and Fire, Beacon, New York, June 2016

Galileo’s Drawings From Observation and the Enlightenment of Our Species

From The Galileo Project website’s page on Galileo’s drawings of sunspots: In 1612 during the summer months, Galileo made a series of sunspot observations which were published in Istoria e Dimostrazioni Intorno Alle Macchie Solari e Loro Accidenti Rome (History and Demonstrations Concerning Sunspots and their Properties, published 1613). Because these observations were made at appoximately the same time of day, the motion of the spots across the Sun can easily be seen.


Joshua Tree, California, January 2007

Lunar Eclipse, Airliner, Clouds, Stars, New York City, 27 September 2015

See a larger version.

Dusk, Some Road, Heading North, California, US, January 2007

Parcheggio del Ristorante, Near Ciampino, Italy, March 2011