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1-Year Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Time

2-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Tree

3-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Earth

50th Street Station

6-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Star

A Basic Income for Every Human Being

About This Particular Macintosh Illustrations

Alma Mater and Thinker

Antistasi Amazons

Bar Wall and Fan

Beethoven Studies

Biology enables, Culture Forbids

Bob Dylan

Broadway by Union Square

Cat Sleeping

Central Park

Clothed Figure Drawing

Creating a Personal Website Using GitHub Pages


Drawing 20180201

Drawing for Amber

Drawing of a Footprint on the Moon

Drawing of Sputniko!

Drawing on Napkin

Face on Paper Bag

Galileo’s Drawings From Observation and the Enlightenment of Our Species

George Clooney Drawing

Girl Drawing

Girl Flying Over Field

I Vote Because I Exist

Iconography Exploration for the Word ‘Capture’

Italian Academy

Italian Music by Women Drawing

Julia Den Boer 2019 Poster

Kassandra in Sanctuary of Olympia

Life Drawing at Columbia


Marco Fusi Poster

Milton and Sue

Milton and Sue

Milton Glaser Studio

Monday & Tuesday Todo

Near Piccola Farnesina

Noise Icon Drawing

Pencil Illustrations for the United Nations Archives

Perceptive Game Writing


Piano Cello Duet Drawing

Piano Player

Piazza Navona

Polar Bear With Map

Prince Street


Season’s Greetings Drawing 2020

Self Portrait

Self-Portrait in Red and Blue

Self-Portrait With Bad Thumb

Street Scene


Taka Kigawa 2017 Poster

The Challenge of Art to Psychology


Tips for Limiting Social Media Information

Union Square

Washington Square West

Watercolor for Arjomand Poster

Wind & Water

Zebras Drawing