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3000ft ✈ DL6241

37,000ft ✈ LH459

6th or 7th Avenue

A Conversation With Peter van Agtmael

A Drum Major for Peace

A Fence That Separates Two Worlds

A Universal Income is Not a Silly Idea

A World Without Borders

Alex Webb on Mexico’s Color

American Beauty


Anna and Vronsky

Answers & Nominations: ‘The Next Big Thing’

Apple Computer Region Code Foolishness

Aqui Agora


Asia Calling, Consolidation, Dusty Boxes



Be Confident, Baby

Belated Notes About Last Weekend

Ben Saunder’s Expedition to the South Pole is Underway!

Bilal Hussein is Free

Bill Evans Trio on BBC’s Jazz 625

Birthday Boy

Body and Soul

Boundaries and the Europeanisation of Space: The EU, Integration and Evolving Theoretical Perspectives on Borders

Breaking Point

Cameras, Education


Canon 5D & Lenses for Sale (All Sold)

Canon 5D Digital SLR Body for Sale (Sold)

Canon EF 17–40mm f/4 L USM for Sale (Sold)

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM for Sale (Sold)

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS Lens + Accessories for Sale (Sold)


Cats Pocket Print Pack

Center of Gravity Shift

Che Guevara Photo

College of DuPage: History of Photography

Computers for All


Curiosity and Schools

DAH: Know Yourself

Daido Moriyama on ‘Home’

de Young


Depth of Field Link Bonanza

Descriptedlines Website Design

Dialogue at San Calisto, 9am


Digital Blues

Digital Journalist

Direct Emotional Response


Do Not Connect Me, Please

Double Blind

dream - sunday, 07 july 2013, 05:38:37

Dreamin’ of You


Elliott Erwitt’s Best Picture

Elsewhere: Ara’s Photographs

Emmet Gowin, Tod Papageorge

Europe’s Apartheid


Eye Contact


Favorite Things


First Meeting, Abundance, Expression Beyond Will

For Nationalism

Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma

Found Films, Memories

Free Bilal Hussein


Gaza-Egypt Border Down

Geoff Dyer, Nikil Saval and Jenny Davidson at Strand Books

George Orwell: Toward European Unity

Get Closer

God of Money

Goodbye, J.J. Cale

Goodbye, Steve

Guatemala, 1983, by James Nachtwey - Clergy traveled in military helicopters to the mass of Pope John Paul II in the war zone

Handcuffing the Cat-Walker

Happiness, Self-Consciousness

Hello, World


How Many Cameras Do You Need

HyperTextHero is no hero, but plays one on the internet, flying between work and play to brighten the day ☀️

I Ain’t Keak da Sneak

Images and Words

Images from The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis

Images, Reality and the Curse of History

Imaginary Lines

Imaginary Lines

In 2006

In general I have always felt that we look at pictures too quickly, almost without pausing

In The Cave

Injuries Heal

Inside the Mexican Suitcase

Intolerable Beauty - Portraits of American Mass Consumptions

James Nachtwey - War Photographer

James Natchwey Speaking at TED

Jimmy Boss Website

Josef Koudelka: Formed by the World

Joshua Tree Gettogether

Joy & Happiness


Kenny Burrell: My Favorite Things

Key Thoughts When Photographing

Leica M8 Software Timer Fix, Please

Letter to Fujifilm on X100S Viewfinder

Levin and Kitty on the Ice

Lies, Seeing With Your Own Eyes

Life is Once, Forever

Light and Shade

Light Snow



LightZone Wishlist

Lines of the Mind

Magnum Contact Sheets

Magnum Photos 60th Anniversary

Mother Night

Muntazer al-Zaidi: Why I threw the shoe

Near Campo de Fiore


Notte Bianca 2007

Oblivious in the Dream of Life

Off to Joshua Tree

On the Occasion of Joseph Ratzinger’s Resignation

Our Walled World

Out on the Weekend

Pasta Clock

Patrick Smith’s photographs

Pequenas Lembranças

Perceptive Game Writing

Personal Best of 2013

Personal Computing Hope

Philadelphia Jazz Orchestra Live Across Street Tonight

Photo Project Breaks Barriers in Morocco

PhotoTechEDU, Pixels and Me

Plan A

Plan B

Polaroids by Andrei Tarkovsky

Pope in Africa

Precursor of War, Ethnic Murder in Italic Peninsula

Random Strangers

Rangefinder Cameras



Red Violet Blues

Rich Folks Hoax

Richard Kalvar

Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner

Robert Doisneau Would Be 100 Today

Roger and Frances

Rome Flood?

Rome Pocket Print Pack

Rough Packing List for Extended Travel

Route 66: Cruising the American Dream

Russell Lee - a talent for relating to strangers

Rythm Guitarist Tryout Set

Self-centered But Extremely Generous

Sergei Ivanovich Koznyshev

Serial No. 3817131

Shadow of Your Smile

Shout-Out to Critical Mass in Rome

Silencio perFAVORE!!!


SLR and Rangefinder Viewfinders

Social Control Through Fear

Some Good News From the Caribbean

Spring Cleaning

St Ives

State Surveillance of Personal Data Is Theft

States of Identity

Stone River

Stop Thinking and Begin To Feel

Sugar Man

Taxi to The Dark Side Poster Censored by Motion Picture Association of America

Teeeeeeh teeeeeeeeeeehhhhh

Textpattern, Strftime Save Daylight Saving Time

The Decisive Moment Online

The Desert of the Real

The Generous Alphabet Project

The Last Question

The Myth of Talent

The Pig Warrior Dream

The Polyphoto S.p.A. / Leica AG X1 ‘24 talenti per 36 fotografie’ Scam

The Real Toy Story

The Show Must Go On

The Trouble With Labels

The Truth Will Always Win

The United States Border

The Very Act of Seeing

The Will to Find Out

The Wind

The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib

To Read Twice

To Those Who Are Still Quiet

Tools of Power

TOP: Digital and its Discontents

Trevi Fountain Red for a Day


Two Examples of Imaginary Lines From The BBC’s Headlines, Today

Two Good Customer Service Experiences: Leica & Ricoh

V2 Day: Freedom of Information in Italy

Van Gogh on the Streets

Voodoo Chile - SRV

Vronsky & Serpukhovskoy, Love & Marriage

Walls Around the World

War and Peace

Washington DC

Waves Dream

Web Design: Where to Begin

Where Do You Live?

Why the Ricoh GRD?


William Eggleston: Monumental everyday scenes in color photographs

Winter Solstice 2007

Wolverhampton Calling

Work, Learning and Freedom

Writing, Eating